“Bank Sakhi” scheme has been launched by which grameen bank of India?
[A]Madhyanchal Gramin Bank (MGB)
[B]Narmada Jhabua Gramin Bank (NJGB)
[C]Prathama Bank
[D]Karnataka Vikas Grameen Bank (KVGB)

Karnataka Vikas Grameen Bank (KVGB)
The Karnataka Vikas Grameen Bank (KVGB) has recently launched “Bank Sakhi” innovative scheme for employing women in villages to promote and improve the cashless transactions in rural areas at a programme held at Adavi Somapura village in Gadag district, Karnataka. A “Bank Sakhi” is someone who has been a member of a self-help group involved in conducting banking and book-keeping activities of the group. As a “Bank Sakhi”, she will provide a range of financial services on behalf of the bank to her community. The local self-groups which provide capacity enhancement, training and financial awareness in the community, will support her. The Bank Sakhi is paid a commission by the bank for different services, which covers her costs and provides her with an income.