At which among the following places in Andhra Pradesh, the Bhimbetka-type prehistoric settlement were found in 2012?
[B] Hindupur
[C] Nellore
[D] Adoni

The rocky landscape near Srikakulam may not boast of the richness and the depth of the rock paintings of Bhimbetka that fetched it international recognition but several prehistoric rock shelters found on Sailada hill-top and Chittivalsa area in the recent past are equally significant, contend archaeologists here.They are excited by the finding of a set of four 3.8 metre high rocks leaning inwards and forming a polygonal chamber on Saidala hill-top as it comes close on the heels of discovery of a cluster of druidical rocks at Chittivalsa and of dolmen and menhirs resembling those in Europe and Africa. Both these findings that indicate existence of a reasonably big habitation of prehistoric people in the area.