What is Acceptance Testing?

Acceptance Testing is a type of software testing which is undertaken by users, customers or other authorised entities to determine application/ software needs and other business processes. This is a level of software testing which is done for evaluation of the compliance of the system with business requirements and assessment if it is acceptable for delivery.

It is considered as a vital testing phase for the client gives his approval for the software/application. The test involves evaluation of functionality, usability, performance and UI of the application. It is also known as User Acceptance Testing, Operational Acceptance Testing, End-user testing etc. Acceptance tests are black-box system tests as the users perform the tests simulating real-time situations to find 6the software meets all the specifications. Various types of Acceptance Testing are as follows:

  • Alpha and Beta Testing
  • Contract Acceptance Testing
  • Regulation Acceptance Testing
  • Operational Acceptance Testing

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