Treaty of Salbai

Treaty of Salbai (May 17, 1782)

Treaty of Salbai was signed between the Marathas and the British East India Company. As per this treaty:

  1. British acknowledged Madhavrao Narayan as Peshwa of the Maratha Empire
  2. British Recognized the Territorial claims of Madhav Rao Scindia in west of Yamuna River.
  3. Raghunath Rao was freed and a pension was fixed for them.
  4. British East India Company got the control of the Salsette.
  5. British promised to support Marathas in case they attack Hyder Ali of Mysore and retake the territories of Carnatic.

In summary, the Treaty of Salbai which was the outcome of the First Anglo Maratha war maintained the status quo.

  • Gujarat was restored to the Marathas; and only Salsette, with Elephanta and two other small islands in Bombay harbor was retained by the English.



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