Sam Veda

“Saman” means melody and it contains the Rythmic compilation of Hymns for Rigveda. It ranks next in sanctity and liturgical importance to the Rigveda. It contains 1549 hymns which are meant to be sung at the soma sacrifice by a special class of Brahmans called “Udgatris”. It has three shakhas or recensions:

  1. Kauthuma : Panchvish Brahmana
  2. the Jaiminiya : jaiminiya Brahmana
  3. Rāvāyanīya : Shadvish Brahmana

There are two Aranyakas : Chadogya Aranyaka and jaiminiya Aranyaka. Chadogya Aranyaka has Chadogya Upnishad and Jaiminiya Aranyaka has Jaiminiya Upnishad. .

Gandharveveda is Samveda’s Upveda is is a technical treatise on Music, Dance and Drama. It is also called Natya Shashtra.

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