Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

The Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology produces non-intermittent renewable electricity. This energy system is based on a turbine installed on an offshore or onshore platform exploits the natural temperature difference between surface water and water depths of equatorial and tropical seas. This technology is particularly suited to the remote areas like island territories, strategic naval bases and other national assets located in protected environments. A successful deployment of such solution provides answer for independent energy needs of these territories.

Indian Navy is seriously exploring the possibility of setting up an OTEC plant that would provide power for Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Aware of the substantial potential of Marine renewable energies and capitalising on its historical expertise in naval defence, DCNS is well positioned for the development of OTEC with a temperature difference above 20 degrees throughout the year along the South Indian coast and other strategic islands in the Indian Ocean. DCNS has performed and presented a pre feasibility study to the Indian Navy for deploying offshore OTEC plan(s) at Andaman Island. This is to completely stop using diesel-based sources and rely on clean and sustainable energy for naval operations, in the spirit of Green Initiative of Indian Navy. {ET}