Intensive Dairy Development Project

Government of India has discontinued the Intensive Dairy Development Programme (IDDP) from 2014-15. It’s place has been taken by three different schemes viz. National Programme for Bovine Breeding and Dairy Development (NPBB&DD), National Dairy Plan Phase I( NDP I) and Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) for the 12th Five Year Plan.


There were some areas in the country which remained untouched by the Operation Flood and its effects. The ‘Integrated Dairy Development Project’ (IDDP) was launched in the Non-Operation Flood, Hilly and Backward Areas’ in 1993-94 on 100% grant-in-aid basis. The main objectives of the scheme are as under:

1. Development of milch cattle

2. Increasing milk production by providing technical input services

3. Procurement, processing and marketing of milk in a cost effective manner

4. Ensure remunerative prices to the milk producers

5. Generate additional employment opportunities

6. Improve social, nutritional and economic status of residents of comparatively more disadvantaged areas.

Intensive Dairy Development Project was modified in March, 2005 and renamed as ‘Intensive Dairy Development Programme (IDDP)’ and is being implemented in hilly and backward areas and also in districts, which received less than Rs.50.00 lakh for dairy development activities under Operation Flood programme. The funds under the revised scheme are released directly to the implementing agencies (State Milk Federations/Unions) and the projects are implemented by the State Milk Federations/Unions in view of their expertise and professionalism. There is no discrimination of gender and class under the scheme.

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