Indo-Parthian Kingdom

Indo-parthian kingdom is also known as Gondopharid Dynasty. This dynasty ruled Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India, during the 1st century AD. Parthians were some Iranian tribes and in this tribe, the kings assumed the title Gondophares.


  • Gondophares-I seems to be the first rulers.
  • Since the Parthians lived with Scythians for quite a long time, the features on coins mix up a lot.
  • Gondophares-I and St. Thomas : Some historians have linked Gondophares-I to St. Thomas , also known as doubting Thomas, and who was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus. However, the recent researched connect 4th ruler of the indo Parthians called Gondophares-sases, with St. Thomas. The church of Kerala has a tradition that St. Thomas came to India to spread the Christianity and established the Ezharappallikal, or ”seven and half churches in India”. Acts of Thomas identifies his second mission in India with a kingdom ruled by King Mahadwa, one of the rulers of a first-century dynasty in southern India. Marco polo has written that St. Thomas was buried in India.
  • After the Gondophares, The Indo-Parthian rule in India ended and soon Kushanas overpowered them.
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