Indian Universities Act 1904

  • The first provision of this act was that the governing bodies of the universities were to be reconstituted and the size of the Senates was reduced. Now the number in the senate could be minimum 50 and maximum 100.
  • Each of them would hold the office for 6 years.
  • For the Universities of Bombay, Calcutta and Madras, the elected fellows were to be 50 and for rest of the universities, the number was fixed 15.
  • This act allowed the Government to appoint a majority of the fellows in a university.
  • The Governor General was now empowered to decide a University’s territorial limits and also affiliation between the universities and colleges.

    The Indian Universities Act made the universities and colleges completely under the Government control.

  • However, for better education and research a grant of Rs. 5 Lakh per year for 5 years was also accepted.

    This was the beginning of university grants in India which later became a permanent feature in the structure of India education.

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      british parliament.

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      1904 means Lord Curzon.

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