Haranyaka Dynasty

Most traditions agree that people get annoyed by this bloody tradition and a civil revolt uprooted the Pradyota dynasty. After uprooting the Pradyota dynasty, which dynasty ruled is a difficult question to answer. The Jain texts say that people rose up against the bloody feudalistic tradition and made Shishunaga the king. While Buddhacharita by Aśvaghosa mentions that it was Bimbisara of the Haranyaka Dynasty which succeeded the Pradyota dynasty. Two Important Kings of this dynasty have been discussed here:

  • Bimbisara
  • Ajatshatru

End of Haranyaka Dynasty:

Ajatshatru faced the same fate as his father. He was killed by his son Udayin. Not only these remarkable kings of the Haranyaka Dynasty were victims of Patricide, but also later kings shared the same fate. Udayin was succeeded by Anuruddha by Assassination, his son Munda & his son Nagdasaka also shared the same fate. This dynastic feuding triggered a revolt and the people thrown these Haranyaka Dynasty rule and imposed Shishunaga as ruler. This was the foundation of Shishunaga Dynasty.

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