Global Warming and India-Pak Relations over Siachen

This article in The Hindu, has tried to review the Siachen Glacier problem and elucidates how the changing climate is trying to reassess our position on Siachen and demanding shift of some of the posts from there. The basic idea is that it has been 33 years since we are commanding a superior position on Siachen and despite being a low-hanging fruit in resolving various issues between India and Pakistan, the issue does not seem to be resolved in near future. Pakistan has made calls in recent times for demilitarization of Siachen, which can save life of soldiers in both the sides.  However, for us, its not possible because doing so will result in losing an strategic position in the battle field and also the cross border terrorism will get more wings. India though showed willingness but as a prior condition, asks Pakistan to first authenticate the 110 km AGPL, which is current position on the glacier. Pakistan refuses to do so, thus making it clear that once demilitarized, it may try to get hold on Siachen.

But the changing climate has resulted in unforeseen weather related events in Siachen and time has come when India should learn and adapt to new well developed system in place. This includes reassessment of rate of glacier melt and technologies which can save lives of our soldiers.


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