General Awareness questions of Assistant Tax officer examination

One of our readers Anamika, has posted in comments, some questions asked in Assistant Tax Officer Examination. Thanks Anamika.
Here , I would suggest that instead of posting in comments please forward them to our email address so that we may publish in a full post. Here are the questions: (Those who are following this site for last 4-5 months can easily solve this paper)

1)Which of the following is a great circle?
a)Tropic of cancer, Arctic circle, equator, Tropic of Capricon
2)Which energy is stored in Tides?
3)Which component of blood is considered as the guard cell of our body?
4)Camel can walk easily in the desert because?
5)The function of arteries in the body is to?
6)In man ,urea is formed in?
7)The most imp function of perspiration is?
8)ECG is the instrument that records?
9)Hot spot is an area having
10)Electromagnet i used in?
11)kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy in a)electric motor, dynamo, electro magnet, Ammeter
12)Floppy disk is an example of
13)Which of the following compounds r sprayed over clouds to cause artificial rain?
14)Iodine deficiency is diet is known to cause?
15The refrigeration of the food articles keeps them fresh ,because?
16The heaviest body of solar system
17From the full name the famous ornithologist
18Who preferred the longest space journey in the year 2007
19 lost child was written by
20. Dr.M.S.Swaminatahan has distinguished itself in the field of ? Agriculture
21.Headquarter of UNESCO is at ?
22)Which Indian film stars was recently conferred Honorary Doctorate by Bedfordshire University(UK)?Sharukh Khan
23)William sisters won the US open women’s Doubles titles 2009 after defeating in the final? Leizel Herber and Cara Blank
24)Which of the following is a military alliance?NAFTA
25)The recipient of 42nd Jnan Peeth Award is? Satya Vrat Shastri
26)World development report i an annual publication of ?World Bank
27)Who amongst the foll is not a recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award 2008-2009?Abhinav Bindra
28)Nilgiris,Himgiris abd Beas are? Frigates
29)Age of tree can be calculated by? Number of its annual trunk
30)Which of the statement below explain external economies of scale?
28)CSO has changed it base yr for national Income estimation. The new base year ?
32)Which is the biggest enterprise of Indian govt?
33)Which type of competition marginal revenue curve coincides with ARC?
34)According to J.A.schumpeter entrepreneurs are entitled to enjoy the profit for their ______-activities.
35) Demonstration effect means?
36)Which agency acts as a coordinator between union govt ,planning commission and state govt?
37)When will demand become a grant?
38)What makes Judiciary the guardian of the constitution?
39)What is the name of Judicial organ of UNO?
40)Te election disputes regarding the election of President and vice president can be heard by
41)Which among the foll is regarded as the Magna carta of Indian education?
42)Th battle of Mahabharta is believed to have been fought at kurukshetra for?
43)The Mukteshwara teple is located at
44)Which king of the Gupta Dynasty was called the”Neopolean of India”
45Between which ruler was the 1st battle of Panipat was fought
46)Author of Ain-i-Akbari?
47)80% of coal in India comes from
48)Dry zones agriculture in India contributes nearly 40% of the total
49)The precipitation consisting of a mixture of snow and rain is
50)Operation flood was launched in 1970 to?
52) Plant climbs by means of?
53)Term is associated with the Biology of silk worms?
54)Sex in human being is determined by?
55)Deficiency of fluorine in mineral water causes?
56)Kilo watt hour represent the unit for
57)A transformer is used to
58)Clear nights are colder than cloudy nights because of
59)A stick partly dipped in water appears broken due to
60)What is condensation
61)Which substance is called Liquid gold?
62)%of silver in German silver is?
63)Which type of compounds are sugar and common salt?
64)The chemical name of Vitamin E is
65)Which of the following gases has bleaching property
66)Jan15 is celebrated as the
67)Bijapur is knows for?
68)Americans are also known as?
69)India lifted the ONGC Nehru CUP 2009 after defeating in the final?
70)An element which does not react with oxygen
71)During sleep man blood pressure?
72)Which one the following Industrialist was declared “the business person of the year 2008 by times of India Survey”?
73)Naina devi peak forms a part of
74)The aim of ISRO’s OCEANAT-2 satellite is
75)Which type of unemployment is common in Indian agriculture
76)A rolling plan refers to plan which?
77)An instrument of qualitative credit control in India is?
78)Laissez fair is a feature of
79)Which one of the following is not source of tax revenue in Indian states
80)Homogeneous product is a feature of
81)Which part of Indian constitution declares the ideal of welfare states?
82)who said” Parliamentary system provides a daily as well as a periodic assessment of the govt?
83)the legal advisor to the state govt is known as
84)Maximum duration of 0 hour in Lo Sabha is?
85)Which reformer from Maharashtra was knows as Lokhitvadi?
86)Din-e-llahi oh Akbar was not a success because
87)Who was the author of the book “My Experiment with Truth”
88)Photogrammetric is?
89)Spice state of India is
90)Jog falls r found across the river
91)Which sea part of India is the main outlet for exports of tea?
92)International date line passes thru
93)Which of the following is not a form of precipitation?

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  • swathi

    hello sir, could you please answer this question….

    what will happen if the per capita income of India increases by 20times all of a sudden?

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    just one correction. UNESCO HQ is at paris,France. not in Geneva.

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    Sir…cud u pls answer the above questions it wud be helpful 2 me as i'm also preparing 4 tax assistant xam..i wud be happy if u post more number of questions of tax assistant in gktoday

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    plz provede Assistant Tax Officer Examination quastion with answers

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    sleet , sharavati, kerla , pacific ocean, fog , radiation, refraction, change of vapour into liquid, power, liver, motor, dynamo, naoh, goiter, tocopherol, clorine, petrolieum ,sun, army day, dr. aslam ali, sunita william, mulk raj anand, agriculture, paris, gol gumbaj, nitrogen, increases, syria, shah rukh khan, nato, satya vrat shastri, world bank, jhulan goswami, anil ambanni, capitalism, land revenue,
    change in reserve ratio, 1995-1996, unspecified, directive principles of state policy, state public prosecutor, inter state council, supreme court, 18 days, abul fazl, gopal hari deshmukh, mk gandhi 2431, ….rest i dont know sorry…..

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    plz provede Assistant Tax Officer Examination quastion with answers

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    vikas, ur answer to Q. No. 83 is wrong because the legal advisor to the State Government is Advocate General.
    also ans no. 56 is Energy(not power).
    Ans. to Q. No. 13 is AgI

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