Fast Compendium : Indian History

1.Exploration of which site is associated with Dayaram sahni?

2.What was the capital of North Panchal during Mahabharata Era?

3.Who was the first archaeologist who excavated harappa but couldn’t recognize its significance?

4.In which city Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was born ?

5.Who was the first recipient of Bharat Ratna?

6.Chandra Shekhar Azad was the only convict of which case escaped Police arrest ?

7.In which year Lucknow pact was signed between Congress and Muslim League?

8.Who had written karpurmanjari?

9.Whose work is malvikagnimitra?

10.Who formed servants of India society ?

11.Who was the president of the first committee of the British Indian Association?

12.What was the previous name of Harijan Sevak Samaj ?

13.Who was the first president of All India Untouchability League?

14.Who was impeached in the British Governor general impeached in British parliament?

15.Who was the first Governor-General of Bengal?

16.Who presided the first session of Al India Trade Union Congress?

17.In which year Barrakpur Mutiny happened?

18.Who was the Mughal emperor coroneted twice?

19.Who founded Khalsa ?

20.Who was able to read successfully Asoka’s inscription?