‘Break the Chain’ Campaign

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the government of Kerala has launched the ‘Break the Chain’ campaign to promote hand washing and hygiene.

About the Campaign

The campaign was launched by the state’s Health Department. It seeks to create awareness about the importance of public and personal hygiene. It has set up hand washing kiosks at several public places like gateways of railway stations, bus stands, etc. and also in offices and apartment complexes.

Kerala Social Security Mission

The idea for the Break the Chain Campaign was mooted by Kerala Social Security Mission (KSSM). It is a charitable society under the state’s Social Justice Department. Its objective is to provide support and service to the weaker sections of the populations like the destitute, the elderly, the poor etc.

Chain of Transmission

Chain of transmission or infection is the sequence of events leading to the spread of a disease. It involves the interaction among the epidemiological triad of infectious agent, the host and the environment. It is the process by which the agent leaves the reservoir through a portal of exit and enters a susceptible host through a portal of entry after being conveyed by some mode of transmission.

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