Baji Rao I

Baji Rao I

Baji Rao-I is the most popular among the 9 Peshwas of Marathas and the Maratha power was on its zenith during his time.

  • It was Baji Rao I who instead of Deccan focused the Maratha attention to North. He can be said the first Indian, who could sniff the weakness of the Mughals and decaying Mughal empire. He was aware of the weakness of the Mughal puppets at Delhi.
  • The famous saying “Attock to Cuttack“, refers to the Maratha Kingdom as visualized by Baji Rao-I, who wanted to plant the Saffron Flag on the walls of Attock.
  • Baji Rao-I fought 41 battles and lost none.

This able prime Minister of Marathas was able to create a confederacy of the Marathas who had dispersed after the death of Shivaji.

  • This confederacy included the Kingdoms of Scindias under Ranoji Shinde of Gwalior, Holkars under Malharrao of Indore, Gaekwads under Pilaji of Baroda, and Pawars under Udaiji of Dhar.
  • He was able to get 1/3rd of the Bundelkhand after death of Maharaja Chhattrasal.
  • From Bundelkhand he had a half Muslim lover Mastani who was never accepted in the Maratha society.
  • Baji Rao I transferred the seat of administration of the Marathas from Satara to Pune.

Baji Rao-I died in 1740 of some disease and was followed by his son Balaji Baji Rao.

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