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Deepak Parekh Committee:
Deepak Parekh committee is appointed recently by the ministry of housing and urban poverty alleviation to discuss the draft guidelines of government’s ambitious Rajiv Awas Yojanawhich aims to make the country slum-free. Deepak Parekh committee will examine the draft of Rajiv Awas Yojana scheme and make suggestions regarding strategy, financial pattern and other features. The expert committee will submit its recommendations within one month from the date of its first meeting. In this year’s budget, allocation of Rs 1,270 crore was made for the scheme which is an increase of over 700 per cent from last financial year.

Highest Percapita Income Cities:
Delhi`s per capita income is the third highest in the country with Chandigarh having per capita income of Rs 110,676 topping the list and closely followed by Goa at Rs 105,582

Percentage of women employees in India
20 countries were surveyed by WEF viz. Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France , Germany , Greece, India, Italy , Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland , Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States. India is on the last rank among these 20 nations with 23% women employees. United States of America (52%), Spain (48%), Canada (46%) and Finland (44%) display the highest percentage of total women employees. the report was released on march 8, 2010.

On North Pole’s suitability for deep space observation:
The North Pole faces away from the galactic centre of the Milky Way, this results in there being far fewer and less bright visible stars in the northern hemisphere compared to the southern hemisphere, making the northern hemisphere more suitable for deep-space observation as it is not blinded by the Milky Way.

Earth’s Magnetic Pole:
Earth`s magnetic pole point moves gradually with time. In 2001, the North Magnetic Pole was determined by the Geological Survey of Canada to lie near Ellesmere Island in northern Canada . In 2009, it was moving toward Russia at almost 64kms per year due to magnetic changes in the Earth’s core.

The principles given was Euclid who is called father of geometry are now called Euclidean geometry and were deduced from a small set of axioms. Euclid also wrote works on perspective, conic sections, spherical geometry, number theory and rigor.

Lagos and Abuja:
Lagos was the capital of Nigeria from 1914 up to 1991; it was stripped of it status when the Federal Capital Territory was established at the purpose-built city of Abuja. On November 14, 1991, the Office of the Presidency and other federal government ministries were finally relocated to the new Capital city of Abuja.

Some Plants and Thier Botanical names:
Datura ceratocaula is a variety of Datura which is a toxic plant containing tropane alkaloids such as scopolamine, hyoscyamine, and atropine, primarily in their seeds and flowers. Iberis amara is candytuft, Capsella bursa pastoris is commonly known as shepherds-purse because of its triangular, purse-like pods. Its an Ornamental plant. Brassica Nigra is black mustard.

Uses of Mulethi:
Mulethi is powdered liquorice root and is an effective expectorant used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicines. Its is also used in Jastimadhu which is a tooth powder. many cough syrups today contain Liquorice as an ingredient. It is also used in mouth ulcers and peptic ulcers.

What are ICUMSA numbers?
The International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis sets standards for the measurement of the purity of refined sugar, known as ICUMSA numbers; lower numbers indicate a higher level of purity in the refined sugar.

Sweet Chukandar:
Beta vulgaris is beet or sugarbeet or Chukandar and has been widely used as a commercial crop for table sugar. Glorisoa superba is Glory Lily which is an ornamental plant. Asparagus pulmosus is also an ornamental plant. Brassica alba is common mustard. Toona cilata is a timber plant from which Indian Redwood is obtained.

Chemical Oxygen Demand:
Chemical oxygen demand is a measure of water quality and is amount of organic pollutants found in surface water. Potassium permanganate has been used for many years to measure COD.

5 Centres of Botanical Research in British India:
The five centers were at Sibpur, Poona, Saharanpur and Madras. Sibpur near Kolkata is well known for being the location of the Indian Botanical Garden, the Bengal Engineering College and the Hazar Hath Kaali Temple. Botanical Survey of India (BSI) was set up by Government of India in 1887 to survey the plant resources of the Indian empire. Sir George King (a Botanist) , who had been superintendent of Royal Botanic Garden, Calcutta since 1871 was made its first director.

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