Administration of Dalhousie: some other points

  • During the times of Lord Dalhousie, a separate Lieutenant Governor was appointed for the Presidency of Bengal so that it could immediately relive the Governor General of India from the pressure of local administration. In April 1854. Fredrick J Halliday was appointed the First Lieutenant Governor General of Bengal under the provisions of Charter act of 1853
  • The cool hill town of Shimla was made the summer capital of the British Empire.
  • The Artillery headquarters of the army was moved from Calcutta to Meerut. The army headquarter was shifted to Shimla.
  • It was during Lord Dalhousie’s time that Gurkha regiments came into force.
  • The Postal system was improved and all important towns were linked by the Telegraph lines.
  • The important reform during this period was Wood’s Dispatch of 1854.
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