World Talent Ranking report

IMD World Competitive Centre published its “World Talent Ranking Report” on December 9, 2021.


  • This report is annually published by the IMD World Competitive Centre.
  • Report grades 64 economies on the basis of a range of factors like:
  1. How economies invest in and develop local personnel
  2. Their ability to attract & retain skilled workers, and
  3. Quality of domestic talent pools.

Key Findings of the report

  • In the report, Europe has dominated the ranking in 2021. Global top 10 countries are from this region.
  • Switzerland has retained its top spot.
  • The UAE continues have improved its global talent ranking. Ranking has improved by one position to 23rd. In 2019, it was ranked at 30th
  • In the Arab world, UAE maintained its top position.
  • In the Middle East & North Africa, UAE maintained its second position, following Israel (first in this region).
  • Israel has been ranked 22nd
  • Taiwan has been ranked at third place in Asia while at 16th place overall. Its ranking has improved by four places as compared to 2020.
  • In Asia, Taiwan has been ranked behind Hong Kong (11) and Singapore (12) but ahead of South Korea (34), China (36), and Japan (39).

How Ranking is structured?

The ranking is structured based on three factors:

  1. Investment and development,
  2. Appeal and
  3. Readiness

Readiness of skilled labour

The UAE has been ranked first in sub-indexes of readiness of skilled labour, student mobility inbound, competent senior managers and appeal for zero personal income tax.

International Institute for Management Development (IMD)

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