West Bengal CM launches ‘Didi Ke Bolo’ campaign

Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee launched a unique initiative called ‘Didi Ke Bolo’ (Tell your sister) campaign to reach out to people of State. This campaign for common masses, is devised to entertain voters’ regarding various issues for which phone number (9137091370) and website www.didikaybolo.com are also launched. The move is being seen as fresh plans to mobilise people and strengthen party at booth level ahead of Assembly polls due in 2021.

Didi Ke Bolo initiative

The Didi Ke Bolo initiative or Tell Didi (Ms. Banerjee) has been developed as a platform with phone number and website to communicate directly with Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief.

Its online platform will be monitored by a special IT team who will coordinate with Chief Minister for her prompt reply on issues raised by people across West Bengal.

Under the campaign-

A team will monitor complaints lodged by people against any issue and will convey them to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who will then personally respond to complainants through social media which could be Facebook, WhatsApp, text or voice messages.

More than 1,000 elected representatives and TMC party functionaries will visit more than 10,000 villages and urban habitations to listen to people. As part of an enhanced public relations campaign functionaries will also spend night in those habitations and also listen to residents of area.



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