US Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine: First to show positive response

The COVID-19 Vaccine by a US based firm Moderna has become the first to show positive results. The vaccine is considered as huge success because, it is the first vaccine which has generated antibodies against the virus.


Around 8 people who received the vaccine in the United States have shown positive results. The LNP-encapsulated mRNA-1273 vaccine functions on the concept of mRNA (messenger RNA). The vaccine injects messenger RNA in order to generate immunity against the virus.

What was the major success?

The people that were given the dose of mRNA-1273 produced antibodies and also stopped the reproduction of the virus. The levels of antibodies developed were the same as those found in patients that recovered from the virus.

Side Effects

The low and medium doses of the vaccine created redness at the spot where it was injected. In case of high doses, the patients developed fever and headaches. However, the side effects faded away after a day.

The vaccine is to reach market by December 2020.




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