US-Iran: Four Nuclear Restrictions renewed by US

On March 30, 2020, the US renewed four nuclear restrictions imposed on Iran. The restrictions were imposed to prevent Iran from building its nuclear programme.


The nuclear restrictions on Iran imposed by the US has been renewed for another 60 days. The decision makes it harder for Iran to work on its Nuclear programme amidst the threat of COVID-19.


US and Iran signed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that aimed at curbing nuclear programme of Iran in 2015. Under the deal, most of Iran’s Uranium were shipped out of the country. Several operational nuclear operations of Iran were brought under international inspection. Also, a heavy water facility was made inoperable.

How is India affected?

Sanctions and hinderances to trade in Iran will affect India’s oil imports greatly. When US pressurized in similar way to cut oil imports from Venezuela. This had then affected India’s oil trade greatly.

Also, India has big plans to reach Central Asia through Chabahar port, which India is developing in Iran. These restrictions affect India’s ambitions.




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