Union Government launched ENVIS portal

The Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar has launched Environment Information System (ENVIS) portal and mobile application.
It was launched on the sidelines of the national interaction-cum-evaluation workshop for Environment Information System.
ENVIS Portal (http://envis.nic.in) runs parallel with the objectives of Digital India which works on improving the digital literacy in the environment sector and deliver services digitally. It will play important role integrating network of ENVIS centres.

About Environment Information System (ENVIS)

  • ENVIS is central sector Scheme of the MOEFCC implemented since 1982.
  • The purpose of the scheme is to integrate country-wide efforts in environmental information collection, storage, collation, retrieval and dissemination.
  • The ENVIS network presently consists of 69 centres, of which 29 are under environment departments of various state governments/UT administrations while remaining 40 are operated by environment-related government and non-governmental organisations.



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