UNICEF launches ‘data visualisation app’ to provide a user-friendly visual representation of complex analytics of education scenario in India

On May 24, in New Delhi, the UNICEF has launched a ‘data visualisation app’ which provides a user-friendly visual representation of complex analytics of the education scenario in India. The app has been made with technical inputs from the UNICEF, in collaboration with the National Institute of Education Planning and Administration (NIEPA) and the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT). It uses the Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE), the National Assessment survey (NAS) and demographic data and can be used as a visual tool by policy makers, senior government officials, academia, and researchers to address gaps and monitor programs in the field of education. Beside this, UNICEF India in partnership with HRD Ministry has also organized a ‘Shiksha Mela Education Open Day’ to demonstrate case stories showcasing holistic and equitable quality education achieved through convergent programming across 17 Indian states.


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