Sagar Shakti Exercise conducted in Kutch Peninsula

The Sagar Shakti Exercise was held from November 19 to 22, 2021 in creek sector of the Kutch peninsula.

Key Points

  • It was a four-day mega military exercise.
  • During the exercise, capability and readiness of India to confront any multidimensional security threat was elaborately tested.

Participants of the exercise

  • The exercise witnessed participation of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, Gujarat Police, Border Security Force, and the Marine Police.
  • Southern Command of Indian Army organised high-intensity exercise with the aim of testing combat readiness of the agencies in real-time.
  • Exercise also involved the insertion of troops and complex manoeuvres by forces to deal with any possible security challenges simultaneously in land, water and air domain, in an integrated manner.
  • During the exercise, agencies practiced ‘comprehensive coordination incorporating contemporary technology for including response mechanism in real-time communication, multi-domain environment’ as well as sharing of operational data in order to overcome emerging multi-dimensional threats.
  • Participating agencies also deployed key assets in the exercise in order to simulate ways of combating several threats that India might face.

Significance of the exercise

This exercise was held at the time when India has bolstered its maritime combat capability in light of evolving security scenarios in Indian Ocean Region.

About Sir Creek

Sir Creek was originally called as Ban Ganga. It is a 96-km tidal estuary in uninhabited marshlands of Indus River Delta, at the border between India and Pakistan. The creek separates Gujarat state in India from Sindh province of Pakistan. It flows into the Arabian Sea.




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