Recommendations of Deepak Mohanty Committee on Medium-term Path on Financial Inclusion

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released the Report on Medium-term Path on Financial Inclusion submitted by 14-member committee headed by RBI Executive Director Deepak Mohanty.
RBI had constituted the committee in July 2015 to examine the existing policy regarding financial inclusion and the form a five-year (medium term) action plan. It was tasked to suggest plan on several components with regard to payments, deposits, credit, social security transfers, pension and insurance.
Key recommendations

  • Augment the government social cash transfer in order to increase the personal disposable income of the poor. It would put the economy on a medium-term sustainable inclusion path.
  • Sukanya Shiksha Scheme: Banks should make special efforts to step up account opening for females belonging to lower income group under this scheme for social cash transfer as a welfare measure.
  • Aadhaar linked credit account: Aadhaar should be linked to each individual credit account as a unique biometric identifier which can be shared with Credit information bureau to enhance the stability of the credit system and improve access.
  • Mobile Technology: Bank’s traditional business model should be changed with greater reliance on mobile technology to improve ‘last mile’ service delivery.
  • Digitisation of land records: It should be implemented in order to increase formal credit supply to all agrarian segments through Aadhaar-linked mechanism for Credit Eligibility Certificates (CEC).
  • Nurturing self-help groups (SHGs): Corporates should be encouraged to nurture SHGs as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.
  • Subsidies: Government should replace current agricultural input subsidies on fertilizers, irrigation and power by a direct income transfer scheme as a part of second generation reforms.
  • Agricultural interest subvention Scheme: It should be phased out.
  • Crop Insurance: Government should introduce universal crop insurance scheme covering all crops starting with small and marginal farmers with monetary ceiling of Rs. 2 lakhs.
  • Multiple Guarantee Agencies: Should be encouraged to provide credit guarantees in niche areas for micro and small enterprises (MSEs). It would also explore possibilities for counter guarantee and re-insurance.
  • Unique identification of MSME: It should be introduced for all MSME borrowers and information from it should be shared with credit bureaus.



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  • msb

    nice ha bhai

  • bijay kumar singha

    Awareness should be needed for this matters

  • sujjal

    Proper implementation & should wait for SC decision on adhar card issue or make law by the gov on this adhar decision making is also require.

  • Muzamil

    The adoption of mobile tech. and digitisation of land records ,replace of subsidies on fertilizers and unique identification of msme’s are really grt steps but people shud b made aware first……….