Punjab to Provide Plasma to the Private Hospitals

The Punjab Government has decided to provide plasma to private hospitals as well from its plasma bank at a cost of Rs 20000 per unit. It is part of the ‘Mission Fateh’ being carried out in Punjab in order to combat the deadly COVID 19 infection in the state.

Since the inception of the government plasma bank in the state, private hospitals treating COVID 19 patients were demanding plasma and finally the government has decided to supply the same at a reasonable cost so that the patients there do not suffer from the lack of plasma in such hospitals.

The decision has been taken in order to ensure that the government hospitals do not get overburdened with patients because of lack of plasma in the private hospitals in the state. Punjab has joined the list of states trying to cure the deadly virus with the help of plasma therapy that started from Delhi. Tamil Nadu has set up the second national-level plasma bank in the country. Apart from that, states such as Kerala and Odisha have also started with plasma therapy for the treatment of COVID 19 patients in the states.

The government has also clarified that plasma will be made available to the patients being treated in the government hospitals will get plasma free of cost and they will not have to pay anything and this new rule is only for the private hospitals in the state.

In this regard, the Punjab government opened the first-ever plasma bank in the state on July 21 for treatment of COVID 19 cases in the state. Punjab has shown one of the best recovery rates in the country for the disease.




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