PM Modi tops Morning Consult Global Ratings

According to US-based global leader approval tracker morning consult, approval rating of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the highest among thirteen world leaders who were surveyed.


  • This survey data is updated on a weekly basis.
  • Prime Minister Modi obtained the approval rating of 70 per cent.
  • He is ahead of President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of USA Joe Biden, Prime Minister of Australian Scott Morrison, Prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prime Minister of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro.
  • Prime Minister Modi also achieved the lowest disapproval rating among adults. Out of total adults surveyed in India, 25 per cent disapproved of him.


In June 2021, this approval rating had dropped to 66 per cent. It has dipped by 20-point dip from August 2019 when his rating was 82 per cent.

How this survey is conducted?

The real-time polling data on elections, elected officials and voting issues are provided by Political Intelligence proprietary platform of Morning Consult. Morning Consult conducts around 11,000 daily interviews globally regarding the leadership approval and 5,000 daily interviews with registered voters in the United States regarding the presidential and congressional elections. Daily global survey data is prepared on the basis of 7-day moving average of all adults in any country with a margin of error of between +/- 1-3 percent.  Surveys are weighted on the basis of age, gender, region and education breakdowns etc.

How interviews are conducted?

All interviews are conducted online. In India, the sample represents the literate population.




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