Personal data Bill adopted by JPC

The Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on “Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019” met recently under the leadership of MP PP Chaudhary.


  • Key agenda of the meeting was to consider and adopt the draft report of JPC on the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019.
  • The bill deals with privacy and security of citizen’s personal data.
  • Members of the JPC have been given the deadline of November 24, to submit their dissent.
  • JPC held its last meeting on November 12.

About the Bill

  • Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 was drafted following a Supreme Court ruling in August 2017, that declared ‘Right to Privacy’ a fundamental right.
  • Cabinet had approved the Bill in December 2019.
  • It aims to provide for protection of privacy of individuals related to their personal data.
  • It also seeks to specify the flow & usage of personal data and create a relationship of trust between entities and persons processing the personal data.
  • Bill will also protect the rights of individuals whose personal data are processed.
  • It will also create a framework for organisational and technical measures to process data.
  • It will also lay down norms for:
  1. Social media intermediary
  2. Accountability of entities processing personal data
  3. Cross-border transfer
  4. Remedies for unauthorised & harmful processing
  5. To establish a Data Protection Authority of India.

Can State utilise private data of individuals?

According to this law, State can utilise private data of individual, without their consent under following conditions:

  • For provision of any service or benefit to data principal from State
  • To issue of any license, certification, or permit for any action
  • Under any law made by Parliament or any State Legislature
  • To comply with any order or judgment of Court or Tribunal in India.
  • To respond any medical emergency that involves a threat to the life.




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