Perseverance rover begins to study ancient crater’s floor

The Perseverance rover of Mars 2020 mission is to study the floor of an ancient crater of Mars. The crater once held a lake.

About the Study

The Perseverance rover will use a camera called “WATSON” to capture detailed shots of the rocks. Also, it will use zoomable cameras located on its head to survey the terrain.

Scientists are still wondering if the rocks in Mars are igneous or sedimentary. Igneous rocks are formed by volcanic activity. Sedimentary rocks are formed in the presence of water from mineral fragments such as clay, sand, etc.

Challenge faced by Perseverance

The rocks around Perseverance have been eroded by wind over time. And they were covered with young sand and dust. On the earth, a Geologist would break the rock sample, open it to get a better insight about its origin. The Perseverance rover on the other hand, only holds a LASER instrument called SuperCam. It will burn the rocks on the Martian surface and then will study about the vapours coming out. The question here is about accuracy. Also, with this will the scientists be able to conclude if the rocks on the Martian surface are igneous or sedimentary.

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