Nobel Prize winner economist Lloyd Stowell Shapley passes away

Renowned American mathematician and Nobel Prize-winning economist Lloyd Stowell Shapley passed away on 12 March 2016. He was 92.
He had contributed to the fields of mathematical economics and especially game theory. He was considered one of the fathers of game theory.

About Lloyd Stowell Shapley

  • Born on June 2, 1923 in Cambridge, Massachusetts in United States.
  • He had left his mathematics studies at Harvard and had joined the US Army Air Corps during World War II. After the war, he earned degrees from Harvard and Princeton University.
  • He was a close friend and mentor to late John Forbes Nash Jr., a mathematician and Nobel laureate who had schizophrenia.
  • Awards and Honours: He was awarded 2012 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences along with Alvin E. Roth for the theory of stable allocations and the practice of market design.
  • He had earned a Bronze Star for deciphering a Soviet weather code in his army career.



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