Mission Raftar: Ministry of Railways organizes one day workshop to raise speed of trains

Ministry of Railways conducted one day workshop Mission Raftaar aimed at raising average speed of freight trains and coaching trains in New Delhi. The workshop was inaugurated by Minister of State (MoS) for Railways Rajen Gohain and Chairman of Railway Board Ashwani Lohani. It was attended by all members of Railway Board along with General Managers of Zonal Railways & Senior Railway officers were present on occasion.

Mission Raftar

The mission aims at doubling average speed of freight trains and increasing average speed of coaching trains by 25kmph over a five year period. It was launched as part of strategy of Indian Railways to keep pace with growing competition from competing modes viz. road and airlines etc. Under it, specific actions and policy decisions have been initiated on railways for addressing different factors inhibiting average speeds.
Under it, major constraints to rail mobility such as non-uniform sectional speeds have been identified and multi-pronged strategy has been developed to overcome the existing impediments due to fixed infrastructure, movable infrastructure, operational practices and institutional mechanisms.


The mission will help to reduce travel time for passengers, transit time for cargo, reduce operational cost, improve revenues and railway’s market share and also reduce pollution as railways in considered environment friendly and economical mode of transport. Principal routes of railways on Golden Quadrilateral (Delhi-Mumbai-Chennai-Kolkatta) along with diagonals which carry approximately 58% of freight traffic and 52% of coaching traffic has been taken up for initial emphasis of the mission.



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    speed of the engin is depends up on condition of the engine +trackconditions+ controler reaction to circumstences+delay caused by acceleration and diceleration caused at stopaged stations vice versa.no on line communications with drivers to communicate with each other for status concern, depends on station masters is the big mistake.can pass a train with human interface rather than mixed interlocked interface. vision is important to controle rather than centralised controle. running parcell trains is most important factor for most. most of the passenger train delays are caused by parcell loading, there by creating platform blockage cauing falllow up train waiting. i am not intelectul to gide, routing parellel intelectul brains including drivers(important) at one place=answer. thank for the occation to me.


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