Lewis Hamilton wins 2015 Japanese Grand Prix title of Formula One

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain won 2015 Japanese Grand Prix title of Formula One. This was his overall eight victory of the season.
He has won Australia, China, Bahrain, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium and Italy 2015 Grand Prix titles of Formula One.
It should be noted Lewis Hamilton has won highest number as compared to any other British driver in the history of Formula One. He is currently 5th on the all-time list of F1 with 41 wins.

Rankings after 2015 Japanese Grand Prix

  • 1st position: Lewis Hamilton (Britain) of Mercedes.
  • 2nd position: Nico Rosberg (Germany) of Mercedes.
  • 3rd position: Sebastian Vettel (Germany) of Ferrari.
  • 4th position: Kimi Raikkonen (Finland) of Ferrari.
  • 5th position: Valtteri Bottas (Finland) of Williams.
  • 6th position: Nico Hulkenberg (Germany) of Force India
  • 12th position: Sergio Perez (Mexico) of Force India.

Top 5 Teams: Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams, Williams and Force India.

About 2015 Formula One season

  • It is the 66th season of the Formula One World Championship which is a motor racing championship for Formula One cars.
  • The championship has been recognised by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the sport’s governing body as the highest class of competition for open-wheel racing cars.
  • 2015 season began in March 2015 starting in Australia with participation 22 drivers representing ten teams. The season is going to end in Abu Dhabi on 29 November 2015.



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