Japan conducts successful test of new Maglev Bullet Train

Japan has successfully performed the first successful test of new generation L0 Series Trains (maglev bullet trains) designed to travel at speeds of 311 mph. These trains have latest Magnetic levitation technology (maglev) instead of the conventional wheels. The commercial services of this series of trains will start in 2027.

What is special about these trains?

These trains are also called ‘floating’ trains as there is lack of friction due to the new maglev technology which makes acceleration and deceleration faster and they are unaffected by weather conditions.  The train will have 16 carriages and will carry up to 1000 passengers at a time.
Japan had launched its first bullet train named Shinkansen in 1964 to concur with its hosting of the Olympic Games. Currently, Japan has the World’s most sophisticated rail network.



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