Jaipur Foot Korea

A memorandum of Understanding was signed by Korean Ambassador to India and Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) to further the research in the arena of prosthetic limbs.

About the Agreement

  • Korea will provide financial and technical assistance to further research and development collaboration in the area of prosthetic limbs, bionic arms, 3-D printing-based Flat foot solution and mobility solution.
  • The agreement will enable Korean med-tech students to join the various prosthetic fitment camps in various countries and participate in certificate programmes offered by Jaipur Foot.
  • The agreement also opens up opportunities under overseas development assistance and grants from the Government of Korea and donations from private institutions and corporations from Korea to India.

Jaipur Foot

Jaipur Foot was developed by a group of eminent orthopaedic surgeons and craftsman at the SMS Medical College Hospital, Jaipur, in 1968. The design was aimed at catering to the socio-cultural needs of handicapped people in India to suit their unique needs for a prosthetic that would permit them to squat, sit cross-legged, walk on uneven terrain, work in wet muddy fields, walk without shoes, and so on. But it has proved to be a ‘universal design’ and can interface with prosthetic technology used around the globe. Jaipur foot permits mobility in all planes.


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