India recycles less than 5% of its total e-waste: Assocham

As per the industry body Assocham, less than 5% of India’s total electronic waste (e-waste) gets recycled due to deficient infrastructure, legislation and framework.

  • Growing at a compounded annual growth rate of about 20%, India annually produces over 4.4 lakh tonnes of e-waste
  • In India, over 90% of e-waste is managed by unorganized sector it is generally dismantled and not recycled
  • The organized sector’s contribution is less than 10% of the recycling business

Percentage of e-waste generated by various means:

  • Computer equipment: 68%
  • Telecommunication equipment: 12%
  • electrical equipment: 8%
  • medical equipment: 7%
  • other equipment + household crap: 5%

Suggestions by Assocham:

Assocham suggests that used computers and discarded items be collected and donated to schools and orphanages run by non-profit organizations and other agencies involved in social cause. Assocham also requested the government to work together with industry through the chambers to create social awareness among consumers to protect environment, thereby ensuring safe management of e-waste



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