India lifts ban on military supplies to Nepal

India revoked the ban it had imposed on Nepal to supply it military equipment. Marking the end of the eight-year old ban, India has supplied some of the equipment, including vehicles and arms, it had promised to provide to Nepal ahead of crucial polls to be held in November 2013.
India has already handed over around 360 vehicles, including 25 mine-protected vehicles, while arms and ammunition, which are on anvil, will be supplied soon.
This is the first time that military equipment is being provided to Nepal by India after ending a ban on the supply of such gear, including lethal arms, that was imposed when former King Gyanendra seized executive powers in February 2005.
Nepal needs the equipment for arming its 62,000 troops who will provide security for the upcoming constituent assembly polls. The country recently brought changes in its constitution to allow the army to be mobilized to ensure free and fair elections.
So far, India has provided equipment including 216 light vehicles, 154 heavy vehicles and some arms. Among the heavy vehicles are 58 trucks with a capacity of 7.5 tonnes, four ambulances and 25 mine-protected vehicles.



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