IIT Kharagpur develops an AI app CARE4U for elderly people

In a move to help geriatric care, students of IIT Kharagpur have built an app which will inform the caregiver when the elderly person falls down with the exact location. The app named ‘CARE4U’ will connect the caregiver to the elderly person. The neural network-based fall detection algorithm in the app installed on the phone of the elderly can detect whether the elderly has fallen down. If there is a fall, it automatically calls the caregiver and emergency services with the location of the elderly person. CARE4U can also detect emotions and whenever the elderly opens the app, the phone takes his picture and a mood index is calculated. This detects whether the person is sad or not and automatically updates the caregiver with the time stamp. The caregiver can check what mood the senior citizen has been through in the day. To make this feature more effective the team has developed a cognitive intelligent chatbot for the elderly person to engage with.


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