Harvard University retains top position in Times' World Reputation Rankings 2015

Harvard University of United States (US) has again topped in World Reputation Rankings 2015 published by Times Higher Education.
Times Higher Education in the rankings revealed the top 100 universities across the world.
Top 10 Universities in World Reputation Rankings 2015 are

  • Harvard University (US).
  • University of Cambridge (UK).
  • University of Oxford (UK).
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US).
  • Stanford University (US).
  • University of California, Berkeley (US).
  • Princeton University (US).
  • Yale University (US).
  • California Institute of Technology (US).
  • Columbia University (US).

Key highlights of World Reputation Rankings 2015

  • The top ten universities are all located in the US and United Kingdom (UK). US alone has 8 universities in the top ten rankings. While, UK has 2 universities in the top 10 ranking.
  • 2015 reputation rankings shows that US alone has 43 higher education institutions in the top 100. While, United has 12 universities in the top 100.
  • Germany is third best-represented nation in the ranking after the US and the UK. It has 6 universities in top 100.
  • In case of Asian countries, University of Tokyo is placed at 12 position in the rankings. China’s Tsinghua University is placed at 26 and Peking University is placed at 32 postion.



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