First Inter-City Electric Bus to operate between Mumbai and Pune

On February 14, 2020, the first inter-city electric bus was launched. The bus will transit between Mumbai and Pune twice every day. It was launched by the Union Transport Minister Nithin Gadkari.


The bus seating capacity was 43. It is capable of running 300 kilo metres in a single charge. The GoI is to extend the service to other parts of Maharashtra as well. The Ministry of Union Transport is working under the target of converting all the buses into electric vehicles by 2022.

The bus is to run in PPP (Public Private Partnership) model.

Electric Vehicle Transition

The GoI is now pushing for the Electric Vehicle transition in the country to reduce burden being created by oil. The CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) transition that happened in 2000s is the best lead to take positive hopes over EV transition

CNG Transition

In 1993, 3 gas filling stations were opened in Delhi. In 2001, the Supreme Court ordered to replace and convert all public buses to CNG. In 2005, there were more than 10,000 CNG buses, 5,000 mini buses and 55,000 CNG three wheelers on road. There was significant drop in Delhi pollution after the move. Similar results are being expected in case of EVs. However, more incentives are required for the EVs to spread wide.




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