eICU- Critinext

GE Healthcare in a partnership with Fortis Healthcare launched eICU or electronic Intensive Care Unit facility –Critinext. image

Critinext – The fusion of Critical Care Skills, Technology, and Imagination & Compassion is a solution to provide “Intensive Care beyond Boundaries  

Why it is launched?

  • There is huge void in the number of ICUs and trained personnel and specialist required to serve country’s need. Besides, the cost of availing ICU facility is also big. In such a scenario, eICU can give some relief by providing ersatz solution to the problem.

What will it do?

  • eICU- Critinext equipment is wired to the devices in the local hospital’s ICU, ventilator pumps, patient monitors and the local health information system, if any. All the relevant data regarding the particular patient will be sent to the Central Command Centre, where specialists offer expert advice.
  • The CritiNext eICU enables a remote hospital to provide advanced consultation, care and monitoring to their critically ill in-patients without having to physically transfer them to super-specialty hospitals.
  • A teleICU technology.


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