China recommends Bear Bile as a cure for COVID-19

The Chinese Government has put on a list of medicines that shall be used to treat COVID-19. It includes both Chinese traditional medicines and western medicines as well. Among these, “Tan Re Qing” has been identified as best cure. This traditional medicine carries bear bile

Bear Bile

The use of Bear bile in Chinese medicine is being done for more than 1,300 years now. Liver secretes bile juice and the gall bladder stores it.

The Ursodeoxycholic acid in the bear bile is the curing component of COVID-19. It is also called Ursodiol. It is helpful in treating liver diseases and dissolving Gall stones.

What is the issue?

The extraction of bile from gall bladder of bear is painful process. Therefore, it becomes important to protect the wildlife through strict hunting laws. With the COVID-19 spreading at faster rate, it is important to save these animals that possess cure.

China’s Actions

The Chinese Government in the end of February 2020 imposed permanent ban on trading, hunting and transportation of wild animals shocking the conservationists in the country. China reports that in the last 15 years, over dozens of novel Corona Virus have been found. This primarily got transmitted to humans from bats.




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