Canada is warming twice the Global rate : Government Report

The Government report by Environment and Climate Change say that Canada is warming twice as fast as the global warming. This is mainly because of burning of fossil fuels. The report was authored by 43 government scientists.

The key findings of the report are as follows

  • The report says that deadly heat waves and heavy rainstorms will be common occurrence in the future. The heat waves are to become more deadly and increase 10 fold.
  • The global temperature has increases by 0.8 degree Celsius. While temperature in Canada has increased by 1.7 degree Celsius. This is more than the global average.
  • The warming in the Arctic region is happening at the rate of 2.3 degree Celsius.
  • The retreat of glaciers and disappearing of sea ice are the major contributing factors to the Canada’s rapid temperature rise.
  • The access to clean drinking water will get reduced.

Canada has already pledged to cut 200m tonnes of emissions by 2030. After the release of the report, the PM Trudeau has introduced carbon tax and has mandated to shut coal ”fired plants.



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