Armed Forces of India and China to take part at Moscow Military Parade on 24th June 2020

Within 10 days of the Galwan Valley Clash, the Armed Forces of India and China are set to take part in the 75th Victory Anniversary of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany at the Red Square in Moscow, Russia on 24th June 2020. A contingent of 75 all rank personnel from the Tri-service of the Indian Armed Forces will participate in the Parade. The contingent will be lead by a Colonel rank officer of the Sikh Light Infantry Regiment.

A total of 20 foreign countries are invited by the Russian armed forces to mark the diamond jubilee celebrations, this also includes armed forces from the United States, United Kingdom, and France.

Moscow Victory Day Parade

The victory day parade is conducted by the Russian Armed Forces every year on 9th May. This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak the parade was postponed to 24th June. As the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces, the Russian President is the Guest of Honor for the parade.

On 9th May 1945: Nazi Germany surrendered to the Soviet commanders, while on 24th June 1945: a victory parade held at the Red Square of Moscow for the Soviet Armed Forces.

The military parade is to honor the sacrifices made by the Russian and citizens of the other friendly allies of the Soviet Union during the Second World War.

During the World War-II, one of the largest allied forces against the Axis powers was the British Indian Armed Forces contingent. About 87 thousand Indian armed forces servicemen sacrificed their lives while approx 35 thousand were wounded.

In September 1944, USSR (Soviet Union) awarded Havildar Gajendra Singh Chand and Subedar Narayan Rao Nikkam the prestigious Orders of the Red Star.




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