Andhra Pradesh Launches the COVID Pharma App

The Andhra Pradesh government has launched a mobile app to detect COVID-19 cases by surveillance of people’s pharmaceutical purchases.

About the App

The COVID Pharma is a mobile app launched by the Andhra Pradesh government to detect cases of COVID-19 by assessing the OTC drugs purchased by people. Purchase of medicines for cough, cold and fever- which are symptoms of COVID-19 will be recorded by the app.


Pharmacies will note down the details and contact information of people who purchase OTC drugs for symptoms like cough, cold and fever through the app. They will also record purchases of prescription drugs for the symptoms. These will be shared with the state’s health department for monitoring the spread of the disease.

OTC Drug

OTC or Over the Counter drugs are medicines that are sold directly to the customers by the pharmacies without the need of a prescription. These medicines are composed of components that are safe for use even in the absence of a physician’s care. Paracetamol is an example of OTC drug.




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