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Fast Quiz on Current Affairs

1.The joint declaration statement issued at the end of the G5 + G8 summit called for the balanced Conclusion of Doha Development Round of Trade talks in which year ? 2.After Oscar which prestigious international award AR Rahman has won recently ? 3.In New York, Republican James Tedisco has introduced a bill that would charge ..


Mega Quiz September (First) 2009 : Based Upon Current Affairs of July & August 2009

Download Printable Mega Quiz September(First) 2009 Here1.Recently we read in the newspapers that developing nations could potentially earn billions of dollars by setting aside and rehabilitating their forests under an upcoming scheme of United Nations. What is the name of this scheme?(A)Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation REDD(B)Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative RGGI(C)Carbon emission trading CET ..


Mega Quiz August 2009 (First) Based Upon Current Affairs

1.Recently we read in the newspapers that scientists have discovered that Soay sheep of Scotland are on average 5 percent smaller than 25 years ago. Which among the following is the most probable reasons for this according to the scientists?(A)Mutation(B)Adaptation(C)Climate Change 2.Who has recently assumed charge as the new Secretary of the Ministry of Information ..


Indian Economy : Fast Quiz

Print Version given at the end of this Fast Quiz 1.When was Varsha Bima introduced? 2.For which kind of fertilizers India is totally dependent on Imports? 3.Through which Bank Rural Knowledge Centers are being established? 4.In which state Rural Business Hub scheme was launched ? 5.Which act makes a different category for Medium Enterprises ? ..


Vocab Practice Quiz 12

Each question presents a sentence with a word or phrase in bold. Find the word or phrase which is similar in meaning to the word in bold. 1.Love remained serene in the midst of turbulence. (A)Meak(B)Calm(C)Solemn 2.75 % attendance is obligatory in the classroom.(A)useful(B)required(C)safe 3.After making some quick money Robert did an impetuous display of ..