Daily Current Affairs Quiz – Questions & Answers: 2019

GK & Current Affairs Quiz: August 30, 2019

12345678910 1). The Gorewada International Zoo is going to set up in which city? Nagpur Delhi Jaipur Shimla 2). Kandangi saree, which has got GI tag, is associated to which sports? Karnataka Kerala Tamil Nadu Telangana 3). The Government e Marketplace (GeM) has signed pact with which organisation to enable growth of MSMEs, Start-ups and ..

GK & Current Affairs Quiz: August 29, 2019

12345678910 1). Peacock Parachute Spider, which is recently spotted in Eastern Ghats, is belongs to the genus ________? Avicularia Poecilotheria Mygale Chilobrachys 2). Which country has launched the world’s first facial biometric-based ID for seafarers? India China South Korea Russia 3). The 25th Senior Women’s National Football Championship is being held in which state? Andhra ..

GK & Current Affairs Quiz: August 28, 2019

12345678910 1). Shaheen VIII is the joint military exercise between Pakistan & which country? China Sri Lanka Israel Myanmar 2). Who has become the India’s first female flight commander? Mitali Madhumita Seema Rao Shalija Dhami Punita Arora 3). Which E-commerce major has launched Military Veterans Employment programme in India? Myntra Snapdeal Flipkart Amazon 4). Which ..

GK & Current Affairs Quiz: August 27, 2019

12345678910 1). The UNCCD’s Conference Of Parties (COP 14) is being held in which country? Israel New Zealand China India 2). Project SU.RE (Sustainable Resolution) is associated to which field? Fashion Industry Film Industry Jute Industry Cotton Industry 3). The National Centre for Avian Ecotoxicology has come up in which city? Chennai Kochi Coimbatore Bengaluru ..

GK & Current Affairs Quiz: August 26, 2019

12345678910 1). Which football team has won the 2019 Durand Cup tournament? Gokulam Kerala Mohun Bagan East Bengal FC Goa 2). What is the theme of the 45th G7 summit? Fight for Peace & Equality Fighting Injustice Fighting Inequality Fighting for Migrants 3). Komalika Bari is associated to which sports? Basketball Football Badminton Archery 4). ..

GK & Current Affairs Quiz: August 24-25, 2019

12345678910 1). Who is the translator of the book “the Diary of Manu Gandhi (1943-44)”? Saraswathy Nagarajan Nita Sathyendran Tridip Suhrud Krishna Kripalani 2). Who has taken charge as new Prime Minister of Sudan? Mohamed Tahir Ayala Abdalla Hamdok Bakri Hassan Saleh Motazz Moussa 3). Which country has been blacklisted by Asia-Pacific Group of FATF ..