UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 26-09-2017

  1. Examine the key differences between the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs. Why is that US could have a diplomatic breakthrough with Iran but such a breakthrough with North Korea appears to be far away?

Category – GS-II: International Relations

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  1. Do you agree with the view that the convicted lawmakers should be automatically disqualified after conviction? Discuss while keeping Lily Thomas case in focus.
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Category – GS-II: Salient features of the Representation of People’s Act.

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  1. “In terms of development & economic co-operation, India has played a prominent role in Afghanistan, however, in case of security forces co-operation, India’s approach has been rather restrained.” Discuss.
Indian Express

Category – GS-II- India and its Neighborhood Relations

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  1. While highlighting the key problems in India’s farm exports, outline contours of agricultural export promotion policy for India.
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Category – GS-III: Storage, transport and marketing of agricultural produce and issues and related constraints

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  1. The burning of crop residue is one of the major reason behind the sharp deterioration in air quality in north India. Suggest measure to prevent such instances.
Category - GS-III- Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment.

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