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Debate Around Chief of Defense Staff and Unified Command

For the past few decades, the appointment of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) or Permanent Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (PC, COSC) has been much demanded reform in the Indian armed forces. Creation of this office was recommended ..

Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

In the second week of April 2016, RBI Governor launched the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It is a payment system that allows easy, quick and hassle free money transfer between any two ..

Draft Model Indian Bilateral Investment Treaty

In December 2015, the government of India had made public a draft of its new model bilateral investment treaty (BIT). Bilateral Investment Treaty is one of the types of the trade agreements. Before we discuss this BIT draft, here is ..

India’s New Patent Box Regime

Patent Box refers to a special text regime for “income from patents” or “intellectual property revenue”. It is also known as IP-Box or Innovation box. It was first introduced in France, and thereafter spread to other European countries such as ..

Class Action Litigation in India

Class Action Suit means a law suit filed collectively by a particular class of people. The word class here refers to a class of stakeholders and not social class. For example, a lawsuit filed collectively by shareholders of a company ..

Various Tax Amnesty Schemes of India

The Union Budget 2016-17 had launched a tax amnesty scheme called Income and Assets Declaration Scheme (IADS). As per this scheme, declarants of unaccounted income can legalize their possessions by paying a tax of 45% (30% tax, 7.5% surcharge and ..