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Quiz 470: General Knoweldge For All Examinations

12345678910 1). In context with the environment , February 2 is observed as which among the following days? Earth Day World Oceans Day World Water Day World Wetlands Day 2). Consider the following:  Copper  Zinc Tin Gun Metal is the alloy of which among the above? 1 & 2 1 & 3 2 & 3 ..


Quiz 469: General Studies for CSAT

12345678910 1). Who among the following was the chairman of All-India Rural Credit Review Committee (1969)? A. Ghosh B. Venkatappiah C. Janakiraman D. Jalan 2). Who among the following are the beneficiaries of the MAFALDA? Landless Laborers Jobless Youth Small Industries Small and Marginal Farmers 3). Consider the following statements:  Breeder Seeds are offspring’s of ..


Quiz 468: General Knoweldge For Public Service Examinations

12345678910 1). SAICM Initiative is related to which of the following industries? Chemical Industry Aviation Industry Agriculture Industry Food Processing Industry 2). Which among the following is sometimes known as “Third Pole“? Hudson Highlands Rocky Mountains Severny Island ice cap Siachen Glacier 3). Indira Col makes the 3-point boundary between which of the following countries? India, Nepal, ..


Quiz 467: GK Questions For All Examinations

12345678910 1). Which among the following property of the matter is studied in “Rheology”? Gravitation Viscosity Magnetic Properties Entropy 2). Which among the following is Fool’s Gold? Copper Sulphate Iron Sulfide Brass Silver Bromide 3). “Carnauba wax” is produced in which country? Brazil Egypt Japan South Korea 4). Which among the following makes Chile saltpetre ..


Quiz 466: General Science For All Examinations

12345678910 1). Which among the following strictly works on the principle of dipole movement of the water molecules? Refrigerator Microwave Oven Air Conditioner Electric Geyser 2). Which among the following waves are most commonly used in the Night Vision Devices? Microwaves Infra Red Waves Ultra Violet Waves Radio Waves 3). Which among the following waves ..


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