Quiz 106 : World Geography Basic Questions

1. Which among the following is called ” mother of pearl” ?
[B] Nacre
[C] Tusk

2. “Nebular Hypothesis” is a theory which is related to origin of the following?
[A] Sun
[B] Solar System
[C] Galaxy

3. Where is located the “New Moore” island?
[A] Arabian Sea
[B] Indian Ocean
[C] Bay of Bengal
[D]Pacific Ocean

4. Which among the following is busiest ocean trade route?
[A] Suez Canal
[B] North Atlantic Route
[C] Panama Canal
[D]Suez Canal

5. On June 21, the Sun is vertically overhead the following..?
[A] Tropic of Cancer
[B] Tropic of Capricorn
[C] Equator
[D]None of them

6. “Open Sky Policy” is related to which of the following?
[A] Tourism
[B] Aviation
[C] Agriculture
[D]Space Research

7. “Oslo” is capital of which of the following countries?
[A] Denmark
[B] Finland
[C] Norway

8. In which among the following Petroleum in India is found chiefly?
[A] Basalt
[B] Metamorphic Rocks
[C] Sedimentary Rocks
[D]None of them

9. The winds which never change their direction are called?
[A] Permanent Winds
[B] Trade Winds
[C] Planetary Winds
[D]Local Winds

10. Port Stanley is capital of which among the following?
[A] Falkland islands
[B] Hawaii Islands
[C] Madagascar

11. In which of the following climates pine trees grow?
[A] Wet Deciduous
[B] Coniferous
[C] Tundra

12. Rhodesia is the old name of ?
[A] Zaire
[B] Zimbabwe
[C] Swaziland

13. Maximum Production in India is of which among the following crops?
[A] Wheat
[B] Rice
[C] Cotton

14. “Riksdag” is the name of parliament of which of the following?
[A] Iran
[B] Norway
[C] Sweden

15. In which of the following River Jordan drains?
[A] Atlantic Ocean
[B] Dead Sea
[C] Gulf of Suez
[D]None of them